Deià International Music Festival

XXXV Deia International Music Festival 2013

May 9th, 20:30, Son Marroig"
"Zemtsov Violafest: Jesse Levine in Memoriam": Mikhail Zemtsov, viola (Netherlands/Russia), Alfredo Oyaguez Montero, piano. Works by Shostakovich, Dowland, Britten, Jacob and Paganini.

May 16th, 20:30, Son Marroig"
"White and Black series/Folkwang Concert Series". Aiko Tominaga (Japan), piano. Works by Haydn, Beethoven, Liszt, Debussy and Prokofiev.

May 23rd, 20:30 Son Marroig"
"Cellobration Series/Folkwang Concert Series" Yan Vaigot (France), violoncello Katarzyna Wieczorek (Poland), piano Works by Beethoven, Debussy and Brahms.

May 30th, 20:30 Son Marroig"
"Black and White Series: Almudena Cano in memoriam" Andreas Frolich (Germany), piano Works by Bach,(transcriptions) Chopin and Piazzolla.

June 13th, 21:00, Son Marrroig"
"Sponsors Night" "Camerata Deia and the Conservatorio Superior de las Islas Baleares String Orchestra" Works by Mozart, Glazunov, Elgar Turina and Piazzolla

June 20th, 21:00, Son Marroig"
"SaxBang is Back: Sound Landscapes!!" Saxophone Ensemble from the “Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Las Islas Baleares” Director: Rodrigo Perez Vila Works by Jean Matitia, Bach, Iannis Xenakis and Steve Reich

June 27th, 21:00, Son Marroig"
"Cellobration series" Angel Garcia Jermann (Germany/Spain)), violoncello Kennedy Moretti (Brazil), piano. Works by Beethoven, Schumann and Romantic composers from Spain.

July 4th, 21:00"
"Fiddle Series with a Twist!" Anna Sokolova (Russia), Soprano and Violin Anna Ferrer, piano Works by Beethoven, Wagner, Bellini, Donizetti, Haydn-Viardot, Shostakovich and Gershwin.

July 11th, 21:00"
"Black and White Series: Bueno, bueno….BIS!!!" Roberto Metro (Italia)-Elvira Foti (Italia), Piano four hands Works by Offenbach, Saint Saens, Bizet, Joplin, Nazareth, De Abreu, Liszt, Brahms, Schumann, Monti, Rossini and the Strauss family.

July 18th 21:00, Son Marroig"
"Black and White Series/Amadeo in Deia" Yedam Kim, piano (Corea del Sur) 1st prize, Amadeo International Piano Competition, Aachen 2012 Works Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann and Ravel "La Valse".

August 1st, 21:00, Son Marroig"
"Fiddle Series: Kosovo Kammerfest in Deia" Sihana Badivuku (Kosovo), violin Derek Han (USA), piano Works by Beethoven, Brahms, Prokofiev and Gershwin.

August 8th, 21:00, Son Marroig"
"Fiddle Series" Barry Sargent (USA), violin Suzanne Bradbury (USA), piano Works by Strawinsly, Prokofiev and Shostakovich

August 15th, Son Marroig, 21:00"
"Musica para una noche de verano" Fiona Stuart-Wilson, soprano, Waltraud Mucher, mezzosoprano Suzanne Bradbury, piano Solos and vocal duos including Works by Schumann, Britten, Delibes, Poulenc and others

August 22nd, 21:00, Son Marroig"
"Fiddle Series" Eszter Haffner (Austria), violin Bertrand Giraud (France), piano Works by Schubert, Beethoven and Franck

August 29th, 21:00 , Son Marroig"
"Cellobrating Barroquisms:Concerto per un amico, Giovanni Bellomi in Memoriam” Asier Polo, violoncello Rosa Cañellas, violoncello Javier Nunez, harpsichord. Guillermo Femenías, Baroque Guitarr andy Archilaud Works by Bach, Bocherini and Vivaldi.

September 5th, 20:30, Son Marroig"
"Fiddle Series: Mustonen is 60!": "Crazy Opera, Crazy Musicals" Andres Mustonen (Estonia), violin Alfredo Oyáguez Montero, piano. Selections from most beloved Operas and Musicals: Purcell, Händel, Gluck, Caccini, Mozart, Verdi, Rossini, Bizet, Gershwin and Bernstein.

September 12th, 20:30, Son Marroig"
"The Orgy of the Arts": Improvisation Performance with Music, Painting and Poetry” Eleuterio Dominguez Acevedo, piano Guillermo Oyaguez, painting Juan Pedro Lopez Laso, poetry.

September 26th, 20:30, Son Marroig"
Ensemble "Contemporanea" (Denmark) Alfredo Oyaguez Montero, piano Ejnar Kanding, Electronics Carsten Bo Eriksen, Video "Cuerpo Melancolico" (Concert multimedia performance) Works by Antonio de Cabezon, Blasco de Nebra, Manuel de Falla, Mateo Albeniz, Joaquin Turina, Enrique Granados, Josep Prohens, Ejnar Kanding and Carsten Bo Eriksen

Welcome to

Twenty seven years ago, a group of amateur and proffesional musicians got together to perform concerts in Lluch-Alcari and the Deia church with the name Paramusical Workshop. That particular moment marked the humble beginning of what is known today as the Deia International Music Festival. Several years later, local institutions began to show interest in the festival and supported its organization.

The quality and quantity of the guest artists has been growing steadily ever since. The Festival started with a vocal ensemble formed by people from the village of Deia, performing with musicians from the Balearic Symphony Orchestra. Year after year almost every artist from the islands got the opportunity to perform for the Festival at the Son Marroig Palace or the Deia Church. We also had the chance of listening to numerous and important performing artists from Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Munich, London, New York, Berlin, Athens, and Moscow among others.

This year the ensemble Camerata Deia will continue its residence at the Festival. Alfredo Oyaguez Montero, co-artistic director of the festival together with Patrick Meadows, serves also as the artistic director of an ensemble created by seven musicians from different countries.

Be sure to see the Camerata Deià video. This video was filmed in the summer of 2004 in the small Italian town of Bonefro. Camerata Deià performs Tchaikovsky's 'Souvenir de Florence' amid scenes of Bonefro and its immediate surroundings. Camerata Deià performs in Bonefro every summer, and is indeed the location where its members all first came into contact with each other.